About Assisted Living in Wyoming

Wyoming is the least populated state in the nation, with fewer than 6 people per square mile. While many of its towns are fairly remote there are several reason to call Wyoming home: it’s one of only a few states that doesn’t levy an income tax, its sales tax is low, and its cost of living is below the national average.

What Options are Available for Assisted Living?

In the state of Wyoming an assisted living facility is a non-institutional home providing limited nursing care, personal care, and boarding home care.

Assisted living facilities are required to meet National Fire Protection Association standards regarding the use of smoke detectors, fire alarms, and automatic sprinkler systems.

What are the Alzheimer’s Requirements for Assisted Living Facilities in Wyoming?

Assisted living facilities that offer secured special Alzheimer’s must have the appropriate licensing.

Senior Assisted Living Details and Costs for Cities in Wyoming

The listings below are some of the larger cities in Wyoming. Each city page provides details on assisted living housing, independent living, senior apartments and homes, and memory care. Details include amenities, services offered as well as other useful information.

What Training is Required for Assisted Living Facility Staff?

Direct care staff in special dementia units must complete additional documented training on the facility’s philosophy and approaches to providing care to residents with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments including techniques for minimizing challenging behaviors, therapeutic programming to support resident function, and promoting dignity, individuality, privacy, independence, and choice, as well as identifying and alleviating safety risks, recognizing common side effects and reactions to medications, and techniques for dealing with incontinence.

Is an Assessment Required Before Move-In?

A resident assessment is required upon admission into the facility and at least annually thereafter or upon significant change in his or her condition. Residents with dementia must score between a 20 and 10 on the MMSE assessment, and should be reassessed at least annually.

What Care is Available in an Assisted Living Facility?

  • Assistance with transportation.
  • Assistance with arranging medical, dental, and optometric care.
  • Assistance with group activities.
  • Partial assistance with personal care.
  • Limited assistance with dressing.
  • Stage I skin care.
  • Assistance with mobility
  • Cueing
  • Limited assistance with catheters and incontinence.
  • 24-hour supervision.

The facility may provide or arrange barber/beauty shop care or other licensed 3rd party health care services.

How is Medication Managed?

Residents are allowed to self-administer medication or receive assistance with opening bottles and reminders.

What are the Bathroom Requirements for an Assisted Living Facility?

At least 1 toilet and sink is required for every 2 residents, and 1 bathtub or shower for every 10.

What are the Move-In or Move-Out Requirements?

Assisted living facilities can only admit residents whose needs can be met by the facility, and they may not admit or retain residents who:

  • Fail to pay for service.
  • Pose a danger to oneself or others.
  • Score less than a 10 on the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE)
  • Require ongoing nursing care.
  • Require more than limited assistance evacuating the building.

Is an Assisted Living Facility Covered by Medicaid in the State of Wyoming?

Yes. There is a Medicaid home and community-based services waiver program in Wyoming.

Who can I contact for more information?

Department of Health, Aging Division
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(307) 777-7995