What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is defined as, "housing for the elderly or disabled that provides nursing, meals, and/or housekeeping as needed."

For those who are able to care for themselves independent living facilities are an option that can provide help with activities of daily living (ADLs) like laundry, bathing, and help with errands.

For temporary care in the home setting at-home nursing care can be an option, and for those suffering with dementia or Alzheimer's special memory care facilities are available with specially trained staff.

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What are my choices for housing and care as I grow older?

There are many choices for maximizing one's golden years. From retirement communities to care facilities that provide 24 hour nursing, we've put together the details you need to know so you can help your loved one transition into the right kind of care.

What are some signs that I might need help?

Don't wait until a crisis occurs! Be on the lookout for signs that your loved one needs help. From declining personal hygiene, memory loss, or slips and falls, we've created a list of what to look our for so you can help before its too late.

What types of care are normally provided?

In this guide we cover what you can expect from a care facility. From security, to meals, activities, and memory care. It's important to know your options so you can get the best care for your loved one.

How do I start my search for assisted living?

There are many different types of facilities which can help to provide care for your loved one. Here you can educate yourself on the differences so you know what to look for in a care facility.

How can I pay for assisted living?

The cost of Assisted Living Facilities nationwide can vary from $2,000 – $5,000 or more per month. Sometimes people have a false sense of security about what their insurance will pay. It is important to plan so you can be prepared for these expenses. Here we discuss options for helping to pay for assisted living and care expenses.

What do I need to know before taking a facility tour?

When touring an assisted living facility it is important to bring a comprehensive list of all the questions you want to ask while you are there. This is a huge, life-changing event and it is ok to ask as many questions as possible to make sure you or your family member is entering a community that will meet all your or his/her needs.

Additional Caregiver Articles

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Imagine living in a disappearing world that is shrinking by the day. No longer do things make sense. Everything feels backwards, upside down, and inside out and there is no one around that understands what you are experiencing. Unfortunately, for millions who suffer from dementia, this is their world.

Traumatic Brain Injury

One day everything went black. You opened your eyes to strange people and voices all around you. Then, memories started coming back, piece by piece, as you put together the complicated puzzle that had become your life. This is the reality of an individual suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Here we discuss the options for TBI care.

Home Health Care Options

Nothing compares to the comfort of your own bed or taking delight in the smell of your favorite meal baking in the oven or simply cuddling up to your loving pet in your favorite rocking chair. These are just a few reasons why in-home care is preferred.

Taking Care of a Disabled or Unwell Spouse

You were the perfect team, accomplishing goals and maintaining a lifestyle that made you happy. Both of you worked hard and together there was nothing you couldn’t accomplish. Then one day, everything changed. A traumatic event left your spouse disabled and now it’s up to you.

Taking Care of a Child with Disabilities

You are spread so thin, yet still make just enough just time for everyone. You
grieve for the losses of you and your child,but still rejoice in the rewards of life. Your heart breaks, and still you smile. You are the parent of a child with a disability.

But I've Always Taken Care of Myself

To go from a life of independence to needing care can be scary. We help put the fear aside and highlight some of the benefits that assisted living has to offer.

Eight Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Fall

Did you or a loved one experience a fall? Asking your doctor these questions after a fall can help uncover any underlying issues that might go unnoticed and start you on a course to better health.