About Assisted Living in Texas

While Texas may seem an ideal place to retire due to the warm weather, the state also boast no income taxes. Its cost of living is lower than the national average - there are some pricier parts of the state, but those costs are still lower than average compared to other states.

What Options are Available for Assisted Living?

In the state of Texas there are 3 types of Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs). A Type A ALF provides assistance for residents who are both physically and mentally capable of evacuating the facility in the event of an emergency, and they do not require routine assistance during sleeping hours. A Type B ALF resident may require assistance in the event of an emergency and may require assistance during sleeping hours, but they must not be bedridden. A Type C ALF is an adult foster care facility.

All ALFs must meet National Fire Protection Association Life Safety codes regarding evacuation capabilities and the use of fire alarms and smoke detection systems as well as automatic sprinkler systems.

What are the Alzheimer’s Requirements for Assisted Living Facilities in Texas?

Only Type B ALFs may be certified to provide Alzheimer’s care. They must provide a disclosure statement describing the nature of care and treatment of residents with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments.

Senior Assisted Living Details and Costs for Cities in Texas

Listed below are some of the larger cities in Texas. Each city link provides details on assisted living facilities, independent living, senior group homes, and memory care. Details include costs, amenities, medical care, and other useful information.

What Training is Required for Assisted Living Facility Staff?

All staff must complete 4 hours of orientation before working with residents, and their first 16 hours of work must be supervised.

Staff working with Alzheimer’s and other cognitively impaired residents must complete dementia-specific orientation before working with residents. Direct care staff in an Alzheimer’s certified ALF must complete 12 hours of in-service Alzheimer’s education each year.

Is an Assessment Required Before Move-In?

A comprehensive assessment is required by the state, but a state-mandated form is not required.

What Care is Available in an Assisted Living Facility?

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).
  • Administration and management of medication.

Residents may contract a 3rd party for home health services.

How is Medication Managed?

Residents who are unable or choose not to self-administer medication must have medication administered by a licensed professional or an employee who has been delegated by a registered nurse. Employees who are not licensed or certified may assist the resident with self-administration of medication.

What are the Bathroom Requirements for an Assisted Living Facility?

All bedrooms must have a separate, private toilet for each gender. A minimum of 1 bathroom must be provided on each floor, as well as 1 toilet and sink for every 6 residents, and 1 bathtub or shower for every 10.

What are the Move-In or Move-Out Requirements?

Assisted living facilities can only admit residents whose needs can be met by the facility or contracted by a home health service.

Is an Assisted Living Facility Covered by Medicaid in the State of Texas?

Yes. A Medicaid home and community-based services waiver covers assisted living services.

Who can I contact for more information?

Department of Health and Human Services
(512) 424-6500