About Assisted Living in Tennessee

Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle or prefer a slower pace, Tennessee allows you to surround yourself with natural beauty and mild climate while also offering reasonable living costs and quality health care.

What Options are Available for Assisted Living?

In the state of Tennessee, an Assisted Care Living Facility (ACLF) is a housing establishment that offers services and care for primarily aged individuals. The residence must provide a written disclosure upon admission that includes a list of the resident’s rights as well as specifics if the ACLF has liability insurance.

All facilities are required to have an approved automatic sprinkler system, electrically operated smoke detectors with battery back-up, as well as comply with all state and federal regulations in regard to Life Safety.

What are the Alzheimer’s Requirements for Assisted Care Living Facilities in Tennessee?about-assisted-living-(29)

ACLFs are permitted to have secured units to retain residents in the last stages of Alzheimer’s disease and must keep accurate records regarding staffing patterns, care provided, and other health-related issues.

Senior Assisted Living Details and Costs for Cities in Tennessee

Found below are some of the larger cities in Tennessee. Each city page provides details on senior and assisted living options, independent living, senior apartments and homes, and memory care. Details include costs, amenities and services offered, medical care, among other information.

What Training is Required for ACLF Staff?

Staff working in a secured Alzheimer’s unit must complete yearly in-service training related to Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments, including basic facts, dealing with dysfunctional behavior and catastrophic reactions, identifying and alleviating safety risks, providing assistance, and communication.

Is an Assessment Required Before Move-In?

Facilities are required to assess prospective residents before admittance to ensure that their needs can be met within the facility and to develop a plan for service.

What Care is Available in an Assisted Care Living Facility?

  • Personal services.
  • Administration of medication.
  • Part-time intermittent nursing care, including various therapies, podiatry, medical social services, medical supplies, durable medical equipment, and hospice services.
  • Protective care, safety, and intervention.
  • Room and board.
  • Non-medical living assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).
  • Laundry services.
  • Dietary services.

Additional care outside of facility’s scope of care may be provided by a licensed 3rd party.

How is Medication Managed?

Medication must be self-administered or administered by a licensed professional. Facility staff may assist residents with reading labels, reminders, and observation.

What are the Bathroom Requirements for an Assisted Care Living Facility?

Bathrooms may be shared with 1 toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower for every 6 residents.

What are the Move-In or Move-Out Requirements?

An ACLF can only admit residents whose needs can be met by the facility, and they may not admit or retain residents who:

  • Require treatment for extensive stage III or IV decubitis ulcer or exfoliating dermatitis.
  • Requires continuous nursing care.
  • Has an active, infectious, and reportable disease in a communicable state, requiring isolation.
  • Exhibits verbal or physical aggressive behavior that is a threat to oneself and others.
  • Requires physical or chemical restraints.

Residents who require the use of a Nasopharyngeal or tracheotomy aspirator, or those who require nasogastric or gastrostomy feedings or intravenous therapy can be intermittently treated for up to 3 21-day periods. However, potential residents requiring any of these services will not be admitted. Some other extended treatments are allowed if the resident is receiving hospice services, or has received a waiver from the Board, allowing the person to remain in the ACLF

Is an ACLF Covered by Medicaid in the State of Tennessee?

Yes. A Medicaid-funded home and community-based services program does provide for services in Tennessee, but there is also a state-only-funded program as well.

Who can I contact for more Information?

Commision on Aging and Disability
Laverdia McCullough
(615) 741-2056