About Assisted Living in Louisiana

Year-round warm weather is not the only reason to retire in Louisiana - the cost of living is lower than the national average, with even the pricier cities, like New Orleans, coming in below national average costs. There are also exemptions for retirement income and social security income is not taxed. While cost can be a deciding factor, the unpredictable weather of a hurricane-prone coast may also come into play when deciding on the right location.

What Options are Available for Assisted Living?

In the state of Louisiana adult residential care homes or facilities are public or privately operated residences providing 24-hour personal assistance, lodging, and meals for 2 or more adults.

New construction must have smoke detectors and sprinklers in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association regulations and state and international building codes.

What are the Alzheimer’s Requirements for Adult Residential Care Homes in Louisiana?

If a residential care facility accepts individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia, they are required to have an enclosed area where residents can enjoy the outdoors safely without the risk of wandering.

Senior Assisted Living Details and Costs for Cities in Louisiana

Listed below are some of the larger cities in Louisiana. Each city listing page provides details on senior care facilities, independent living, senior apartments and homes, and memory care facilities. Details may include amenities, services offered among other information.

What Training is Required for Adult Residential Care Homes Staff?

Direct-care workers are required to complete in-service training each year on the facility’s policies and procedures, as well as emergency and evacuation procedures, resident rights, first aid, procedures and legal requirements for reporting abuse and critical incidents, resident care services, and infection control.

Additional training is required for special care staff, and those who provide direct-care are required to complete 8 hours of dementia-specific training within the first 90 days of employment, as well as 8 hours continued education each year.

Is an Assessment Required Before Move-In?

An assessment must be performed before the individual is admitted to the facility, but a specific form is not required.

What Care is Available in an Adult Residential Care Home?

  • Assistance of activities of daily living (ADLs).
  • Supervision of self-administered medication.

Residents may arrange for and hire a 3rd party outside of the facility as long as the resident remains in compliance with the conditions of their residency.

How is Medication Managed?

While staff can assist with the self-administration of medication, their assistance is limited to reminders, opening containers, and assistance pouring medication. Residents may contract a 3rd party for medication administration, but the facility will not contract nor provide this service.

What are the Bathroom Requirements for an Adult Residential Care Home?

Facilities must provide public restrooms of “sufficient number” for residents and visitors, grab bars and non-skid surfacing shall be installed in bathtubs and showers to help prevent slips and falls.

What are the Move-In or Move-Out Requirements?

Adult residential care homes can only admit residents whose needs can be met by the facility, and they may not admit or retain residents who:

  • Are a danger to themselves or others.
  • Require additional care beyond routine personal care.
  • Require continuous nursing care.

Facilities may choose to accept or retain a resident who need additional care if he or she can arrange for care through a private 3rd party.

Is an Adult Residential Care Home Covered by Medicaid in the State of Louisiana?

No. There is no Medicaid home and community-based services waiver currently available in the state.

Who can I contact for more information?

Office of Aging and Adult Services
Contact OAAS
(886) 758-5035