About Assisted Living in Kentucky

While Kentucky may produce 95% of the bourbon consumed in the US, as well as breed 3 out of 4 Kentucky Derby winners, it’s also a great place to retire. Not only is the cost of living substantially lower than the national average, but so are state sales and income taxes. There’s no tax on social security, and there are exemptions for other retirement income, including pensions and annuities.

What Options are Available for Assisted Living?

In the State of Kentucky certified assisted living communities are a series of living units providing services for 5 or more adults unrelated to the manager or owner of the community.

Annual state fire marshal inspections of sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers, as well as health department inspections, elevator inspections, boiler inspections, beauty shop licenses, food establishment licenses, and certificates of occupancy must be up to date and documented for review.

What are the Alzheimer’s Requirements for Certified Assisted Living Communities in Kentucky?

An assisted living community that offers Alzheimer’s and cognitive impaired programs must be able to provide literature on their special programs, staffing, and training for special needs or conditions to anyone who requests it. The community must also maintain a description of all dementia-specific training that is provided, the number of required hours attended, training schedules, and a list of staff who are required to complete training.

Senior Assisted Living Details and Costs for Cities in Kentucky

Listed below are some of the larger cities in Kentucky. Each city link provides details on assisted living facilities, independent living, senior group homes, as well as Alzheimer's care facilities. Details may include amenities, services offered as well as other useful information.

What Training is Required for Certified Assisted Living Community Staff?

All assisted living staff must complete orientation within the first 90 days of employment and are required to complete in-service training each year on topics specific to their department and assigned duties.

Is an Assessment Required Before Move-In?

Each resident must undergo a functional needs assessment before entering into a lease to meet individual needs. The assessment must be updated yearly to meet ongoing needs.

What Care is Available in a Certified Assisted Living Community?

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).
  • Meals and snacks.
  • Scheduled daily activities.
  • Assistance with self-administration of medication.

Depending on the community’s policies residents may arrange for additional services through a 3rd party.

How is Medication Managed?

The assisted living community provides assistance with self-administration of medication on the direction of the client, his or her representative, or health care professional. Medication administration is not permitted.

What are the Bathroom Requirements for a Certified Assisted Living Community?

Each assisted living facility must provide a private bathroom, but facilities under construction on or before July 14, 2000 may have shared bathrooms with a minimum of 1 bathtub or shower for every 5 residents.

What are the Move-In or Move-Out Requirements?

Certified assisted living communities can only admit residents whose needs can be met by the facility, and they may not admit or retain residents who:

  • Need assistance in moving around.
  • Are bedridden.
  • Are a danger to themselves or others.

If a resident is required to move-out the facility must help the individual find appropriate living arrangements before the move-out date.

Is Assisted Living Covered by Medicaid in the State of Kentucky?

No. Medicaid doesn’t provide service or reimbursement for assisted living communities.

Who can I contact for more information?

Department for Aging and Independent Living
Contact DAIL
(502) 564-6930